My name is David Azouri
Working in Real Estate since 1997, Certified Senatori-21

I mediated as a real estate agent in Tel Aviv: Northern Neighborhoods, Ramat Aviv Gimel, Ramat Aviv Hahadash, Ne’aman Towers and Sea & Sun.

In 2002, I set up the “Shoreline Estates” in marina Herzliya.

Our office is located in Herzliya, and specializes in providing residential real estate services on the Tel Aviv coastline Marina Herzliya, Herzliya Hayeroka, Zrubavel complex, Glil-Yam Herzliya.

22 years experience in the Herzliya-Tel Aviv coastline

Our clients receive great counseling and guidance-

  • Buy / Sell
  • House owners/ renters – short and long term
  • We have the best professionals with proven experience for any required renewal work
  • We would be happy to answer all your questions
  • Consultation without obligation